"Our house was built 35 years ago and does not have a basement, because there was a high water table in this area. in the Fall of 2006, we decided to do some research about building a garage. We had another builder come out and give us a quote. At the time, we were thinking of just protecting our cars and with storage for a few items (snow blower and lawn mower). We basically sat on the quote for 6 Months. Then in the Spring, a very good friend recommended Colby Carr General Contractors. He came out and we immediately liked him. After talking about the type of garage we wanted and Colby assessing our needs, we decided on a much larger garage that included a full set of steps to go to the second floor with a huge storage space. In fact, Colby was finishing a garage close by that would be almost identical to ours. We loved the idea of the larger garage! Now we waited for the quote... Colby's quote came in a couple of thousand dollars more than Opdyke and this was for a much larger, better constructed garage with a whole second floor. We said, "YES let's go for it!". We are thrilled with our magnificent garage!

Colby Carr is a true professional! He was efficient, kept timely deadlines, he had an incredible professional relationship with his contractors and he managed to keep all deadlines on time. He managed the availability of materials with professional ease and would work nights, Saturdays and Sundays to keep the job on time. Each day after work he would clean-up the entire mess, and even totally cleaned the driveway. He matched the siding and roofing materials, so that it looks like it has been here for a long time. (Quite a feat since our siding and roof were done 15 years ago)

We would highly recommend Colby Carr General Contracts without any hesitation or reservation. Please feel free to come see our garage and the outstanding quality of workmanship or contact us personally.

We cannot say enough about Colby Carr General Contracts! ...and we have had our share of very bad experiences with contracts.

My husband calls the garage his "Taj Mahal" of Garages."

Holy and Roger Cairns
(Roger is a Professor of Fine Art at Montgomery County Community College for 35 Years and Holly is a Senior Facult Member and Galleries Director at Montgomery County Community College)