Starting at the age of 6, I worked as my fathers right hand man, doing everything and anything he told me, from hammering a nail in the right position to digging a footing in the right location.

Growing up on a 52 acre farm, my father always had a different project going on. At age 11 I was taught how to operate all different types of heavy duty equipment, such as dump trucks and bull dozers. Not only did I learn how to build a structure and operate different machinery, I learned how to manage workers and deal with different businessmen.

I come from a large catholic family that believes in a strong work ethic, which means be up at 7:00 A.M. and put a full hard day’s work in 6 days a week. My father, Tommy Carr, is a very successful businessman owning many different properties including commercial properties. I would say that he taught me everything that I know, which is why my business is as unique and successful as it is!

Where I Work

Colby L. Carr Builders and Designers serving most of Montgomery and Bucks County!

Colby L. Carr Builders and Designers

Here at Colby L. Carr Builders And Designers, our mission is to utilize our demonstrated experiences in the building of anything from a shed to your dream home inside and out with one focus in mind: to provide our customers with qualified, cost effective, reliable construction services. We believe that our success is intrinsically linked to our developing strong, trusting personal and business relationships with our customers and employees!